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Adovada (Spanish for "marinated"), also spelled adobada, is a preparation for many dishes that are common in Mexican cuisine similar to tacos. Adovada is generally pork marinated in a "red" chile sauce with vinegar and oregano, but it can refer to different types of meat and to marinades closer to al pastor. This handblended HOT Adovada powder is a SALT FREE combination of 10 chile powders and 7 seasonings from my family's own recipe. The ratio combination was developed from the number of pods from each chile type chosen to create the base Adovada sauce. It does not use tomatoes that can cause reflux. The recommendation is 1 oz of powder per pound of meat to be used. Follow the Adovada recipe for the other ingredients and enjoy a real treat. It is also a great base sause for making mole.

Adovado 10 Blend Hot - Powder, Salt Free

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