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Birdseye Chile (also spelled  Bird’s Eye Chile or Birds Eye Chile) is closely related to the fiery hot tabasco chile. The African Birdseye Chile is also called African devil, Monbassa chile, African Chile or Zanzibar chile.  Birdseye Chiles lack the flavor complexities of some of the more popular chiles but are known for their clean flavor with undertones of dry hay and they have a nice kick. So they are generally used more for providing heat to a dish and not flavor. Commonly used in soups, stews, chicken dishes, and hot sauces. Use great caution when handling this ground chile because of its heat.


** This product is certified kosher.

Birdseye African Chile – Powder

SKU: SIC070202
  • 100,000-225,000 SHU      Very Hot    
  •      Africa - India grown     


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Note: Chile is seasonal and may be out of stock until next harvest.

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