Chipotle is pronounced “chi-POHT-lay” and comes from the Nahuatl word meaning "smoked chili pepper", the language of the Aztecs. A member of the species Capsicum annuum, Chipotle peppers have become very popular in the US over the past 15-20 years, and these smoked jalapenos are used primarily in Mexican and Tex-Mex cuisines. There are two types of Chipotle chiles, the more common is the Chipotle “Morita” and the harder to find (and better quality one) smoked jalapeno called the Chipotle “Meco”. The “Meco” is stiff with a grayish-tan coloring and is best described as resembling a cigar butt. The “Meco” is harvested when the jalapeno has fully ripened to a rich red color, then smoked for several days over either pecan or oak wood. The heat of the jalapeno remains with the addition of a deep smoky flavor. If you've never experienced a Chipotle "Meco" you are in for a real treat! The flavor profile is smoky with a slightly spicy, grassy fruitiness. Chipotles pair well with beef, chicken and pork chops.


** This product is certified kosher.

Chipotle Meco Chile – Powder

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