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Green Hatch chiles are those that grow in the Hatch valley region of New Mexico along the Rio Grande. This area is the self-proclaimed chile capital of the world. Scientifically, the chiles that have been ground to produce this powder both bear the name Capsicum annuum. All the chiles grown in the Hatch New Mexico region have the same scientific name, they are just developed as different cultivars to favor specific qualities. The two different cultivars of chiles in this chile powder are New Mexico 6-4 Heritage chiles and Big Jim chiles, both developed exclusively by New Mexico State Univeristy's scientists Dr. Roy Harper and Dr. Roy Nakayama. Recipes that include Hatch chile powder are innumerable. Use this green chile to compliment chunks of tomatillo in a soup or stew. Dust your burgers for an extra tasty twinge on your palatte. The mellow heat of this chile powder will surely contribute something extra special to any of your recipes.

** This product is certified kosher.

Hatch Green Chile – Powder

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  • 3,000-5,000 SHU      Medium    
  •      Hatch New Mexico     


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