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Red New Mexico Hatch chiles, when ground into a chile powder, are also known as “molido” or “New Mexico molido”. This Hatch New Mexico chile powder is from the NuMex 6-4 and Big Jim variety. As summer draws to a close, the green chiles maturing and turn a deep, rich red color. This changes the flavor profile of the chile producing an earthy, sweet flavor with undertones of weediness, acidity with a hint of dried cherries as it becomes mellower and sweeter . Use this to add zest (or piquancy) to carne adovada, enchiladas, salsas, sauces, stews, tamales, and numerous vegetable dishes. 


Be wary of companies who are selling "New Mexico Chile Powder" that is made from chiles grown in Mexico, California, or China, not New Mexico. If you look carefully at their listings or on the packaging, they may indicate that the powder is only named in this way because it is grown in the same "style" as New Mexico chiles. These chile powders will not have the same flavor or intensity as the chiles grown in New Mexico.


** This product is certified kosher.

Hatch Red Chile – Powder

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  • 800-1,400 SHU      Mild    
  •      Hatch New Mexico     


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