The signature hot flavor of Cajun, Creole, Indian, Sichuan and Thai cuisine. Cayenne Chiles have long been the chile of choice in most Louisiana style hot sauces. Sometimes eferred to as Ginnie peppers, cayenne is one of the most popular chiles used in the Western hemisphere. It is indigenous to modern day French Guiana (northeast coast of South America) and was named after either the largest city in the region, Cayenne, or after the Cayenne River. The heat and personality of this chile depends on where it is cultivated. If it is grown in a hot, dry environment it will produce a hotter chile than those from cooler, wetter climates that will produce milder chiles. It adds piquancy to barbecue sauce, biscuits, casseroles, chili, chutneys, curries, egg dishes, ketchup, marinades, rice, salads and smoked foods.

Cayenne Chile - Powder, Organic

  • 35,000-50,000 SHU      Medium    
  •      Morocco     


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