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Paprika, Capsicum annuum (also known as pimento or sweet red peppers), is a ground fine powder from various cultivars of Pimento Chile Peppers. They are relished for their vibrant color and mildly pungent, peppery/sweet flavor. It was Christoper Columbus who introduced these and other chiles to Spain in 1494 and subsequently the chiles spread across Europe, Asia, and Africa. It wasn’t until the 17th century that paprika, called pimentón, became more common in Spanish cuisine. Mildly spicy and sweet, with a pleasant flavor and a beautiful color. Perfect for salads and salad dressings, Indian cuisine, dairy products, poultry, egg-based dishes, hors d’ouvres, marinades, rice, smoked foods, and vegetables.

Paprika Chile - Powder, Organic

  • 250 – 1,000 SHU      Very Mild   
  •  California  


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Note: Chile is seasonal and may be out of stock until next harvest.

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